Your very own Interview-Bot & Document Builder in the cloud

Document Automation Made Super Easy

Take control of repeat documentation

Train Automio to ask your customers all the right questions, then provide them with error free documents in an instant. Let Automio take charge of your repeat documentation so that you are free to work on more interesting, or higher value work.
Let customers serve themselves.

Increase workplace efficiency

Automio will help you spend less time "copy and pasting" by streamlining and automating your processes

Stay ahead

Working with Automio you access simple, yet intelligent technology to help you stay ahead of the competition

Spend less, make more

Reduce overheads and develop new revenue streams by selling the Flows you create in the Automio marketplace

How Automio does it

Automio is a clever interview-bot that people can train to automate the processes used within their business.

When Automio is trained to do a new skill, or carry out a new process (like the process of creating a quote or proposal document), a "Flow" is created - an automated product that can be used, bought and sold over and over again without any extra effort. A Flow includes a dynamic interview that, once answered, instantly creates a customised document.

Beaut… Bot-iful features that will take the “irk” out of work

Automio has loads of lovely bits. Document automation software with all the easy-to-use tools to help you approach the future with confidence.

Instant automation

Buy existing Flows to automate your internal processes. Automio helps you be more efficient in your own business. 

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Sell self-service products

Your customers will be stoked that they can buy instant documents from you - serve themselves and pay online.

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Create Flows yourself

You can automate repeat documents and processes yourself. No coding skills required. 

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Reduce risk of human error

Automate the processes and documents used in your business to reduce risk, costs and customer complaints.

Create an online store

Sell personalised documents directly to customers without the hassle and expense of getting your own e-commerce website developed.

Retain IP ownership

When creating Flows with Automio you retain ownership of your IP so you can build a more valuable business.

Cloud based

Access and create your Flows from anywhere. Store and use documents in the future.

Receive instant online payment

Customers will pay you at the time they purchase an Automio document from you - no debtors and great for cashflow.

Continuing and long term rewards

Once you’ve automated a document or process, it is done. You can continue to get the rewards from your Flow forever.

Document automation for any situation

Here's what Automio customers had to say:

Fraser King
Legal Beagle
Customers love having access to instant legal services online, and we have been loving the extra income without having to provide extra man hours... it's a no-brainer!
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